Friday, March 20, 2015

Sleeping on the job

So, the last two nights I have fallen asleep before posting to our blog. I've have been super tired. We are gearing up for the Arizona Quilter's Guild Quilt Show. It's a large show and time consuming. We are not only a vendor but I am the quilt show director this year.. should have my head examined!

Quite a few of my friends said don't do's too much work.  They must have had a crystal ball because it is a whole lot of work. I have a great committee and luckily enough two of the ladies are former directors and that is a huge, huge, huge help.

So starting Sunday I will be posting a series of pictures from empty building to working quilt show..
If you ever wondered what it takes you will be surprised to see how it comes together..of course this will just be the visible part that does not include all the months beforehand.

Remember support your local quilt shops and quilt shows!! Go to a show and get inspired!

Lost in the Vortex

Jan Krentz

David Taylor

Kathy McNeil

Fiber and Fire, This was one of our first pieces

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuffets with one T or Two T's?

Did I tell you that I teach a tuffet class? Actually I teach a whole bunch of tuffet classes, from round tuffets to square tuffets, some are small tuffets and others are rather large. What is a tuffet and is it spelled with one t at the end or two?

A tuffet is like a pouf or an ottoman. Oddly one "t" at the end or two is acceptable in the English language.

I like tuffets to match their creators personality. I also think that most people like to make or craft items with fabrics they like or why bother?? I do not like to put effort into something that in the end I feel I will not be happy that I made and I bet you are the same way.

Typically our tuffet classes are about 10 individuals. Everyone starts off apprehensive and as they move along through the pattern they become confident and pretty soon someone is finished with their tuffet. As we are putting that tuffet together everyone else become energized to finish.

Here is our latest Tuffet Class. Soon I will updated our class schedule on the website. Our annual quilt show is around the bend so I am really concentrating on the show and my booth. Did I mention I hope to be teaching the tuffet class at the next Quiltcon? 
Love the swirl button


This tuffet had super flat seams, love the onion ring fabric

See what I mean about the tuffet taking on your personality?

Someone loves Purple

Tuffet Example for classes

Monday, March 16, 2015

From Tablecloth to Settee

I purchased this fabric at the Rose Bowl Flea Market probably just about four to five years ago. I have always had plans for just took me a while to actually do it. So after the spider webs were quilted on it I thought, ok now all I need is a great settee to put this on.

That's where the fun comes, finding a piece of furniture that works with the fabric.
I have always said that the details are what really matter when you are creating a piece. I really like the way this turned out and am sure that a "Dia de Los Muertos" enthusiast will enjoy it as well.

I know that sometimes people may not understand what this holiday is so I just wanted to remind you that it is meant to be a celebration of those who have passed on so they may be honored and remembered. It's not about Halloween.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the piece and the creativity of it. Embrace others and show tolerance of their beliefs.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lots of Lists..or is that Lots to List.?

I am a list maker, yes I will admit it, I make lists. These lists have things I would like to do, things I need to do and things I will probably struggle to do. I like checking items off my lists that I actually accomplish. Sometimes I work on things that are not on my list and yep you guessed it they mysteriously appear on my list just so I can check them off. It's a cheap thrill.

So today, I had a few things on my list that I really needed to do. One, create a chair, two, hem some pants, three, do some laundry...then get organized for the beginning of the next week. Seems pretty normal to me..

While the first two items are at total opposite ends of the creative spectrum they are items I needed to do. I do not really enjoy hemming but it's kind of a non thinking kind of thing for me and since I am lacking height I have become used to hemming almost everything. My youngest daughter also is less than tall and I get to hem her items as well. On my list there is an item...teach daughter how to hem!

I opted to work on the chair first because it's more creative and frankly I can hem later in the day.

I have a small chair. I found the chair online and it's been sitting for months waiting for me to do something with it. I decided I wanted to make this chair less functional and more along the lines of eclectic.

The beginning of the chair is pictured the end of the week I hope to be able to show you the results. So what you see now might be hard to imagine on a chair but I am pretty sure that when it is finished you will be inspired.
As you can see I still have her face, neck and hands to work on. Then I will have to quilt it and who knows what I will do after that, anything goes..
I've been going through my stash today. Frankly I was looking for a fabric I liked for her face and hands. I didn't find anything I would like but I did find some great fabric for a tote..or something. Hey maybe I should add it to my LIST!!


Saturday, March 14, 2015


I have been working on this pattern called EIEIO. I first heard of this quilt from my daughter and it sounded intriguing. Then I saw the quilt hanging in a quilt show. It was really interesting to look at. The quilting really made the animals look alive on the quilt.

I have been slowly but surely putting together one block after another..or rather one animal after another. I haven't put the eyes on any of them yet because I am not sure how to do that. A friend of mine did tell me though that cute stuffed animals or animal pictures usually have their eyes looking upward and to the side..and the not so cute ones sometimes are staring straight ahead and then its up to you to interpret if you like the way that animal looks. So needles to say I am waiting on they eyes until I get a little more comfortable and try to figure out how to do it.

I really like the pattern, the instructions are very good. At first the rabbit went together so well I thought heck I can do this and then I moved on to the head of lettuce, it was a little more intense..but still it came out pretty good looking I think. The carrots, once I do some quilting on them will have more dimension and I think that rabbit will be inclined to eat them. I also like the duck but still have to figure out his feet..they are just to intense or deep looking right now..That ducks feet are saying hey look at my neon feet..!! Maybe it's the size of the feet. Not sure but I have to rethink those feet I think..Here are some pictures to look at..Bear in mind none of these are actual blocks yet, just animals who will be appliqued to a block...sooner or later..OK yeah probably later..quite a few animals to go.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Time Flys...

Sew...I have been busy, although not this busy that I could not have posted to the blog. I can not believe how long it has been since we have posted, it's embarassing. Yikes..lots of apologies to our followers who probably think we may have fallen off the face of the Earth.

Okay, so what has been going on..well let's see.

Several of you probably knew I was involved with the Arizona Quilters Guild for a few years, I held several board positions, it was super time consuming. This year I am the quilt show director..yikes! After this show which happens in a couple of weeks I am going to focus on my own creating and business. We opened a studio, just over a year ago. It is located in Mesa, Arizona. We have a new website. I found a great company to put together the website. They made it painless and frankly painless was what I was looking for because I get really exasperated with techie type items.

We have a facebook page that is kept up to date. Most of our efforts seem to be with social media. That being said though our poor blog has been neglected.

So lets start by showing you some pictures of the studio..which is available for your use for birthday parties, crafting parties, we have two very nice classrooms, a central studio area, a tear down room, for messy crafts and upholstery.

And speaking of creating tomorrow I will share with you what kinds of items I have been working on. Get ready to be surprised. If you want a sneak look head on over to our Facebook page.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How do your gardens grow in Missouri ?

Everyone loves Grandmother's Garden! This little chair is headed to Missouri in a couple of days.
It's rare for us to be able to create a grandmothers garden chair, in fact we have only created two in the past six years. Kathy was patient and soon her chair will be sitting proudly in her home.
This chair was painted and distressed by Europaint Finishes..Chandler Arizona.